Friday, July 16, 2010


As I have been quite busy lately, with trying to figure out how to homeschool the 5 younger kids, preparing our home to put up for sale, continuing to gather items for Liahona's conversion, and figuring out how to help my awesome hubby start up his own business from home while he is working 3 jobs....this poor blog has developed quite a few weeds. So sorry, to my few faithful followers...I love you all and want you to know that I am truly sorry for being a flake. :(

I came to the conclusion this past week that I need to combine my efforts somehow...but how? Our family's blog, Sun Dragon Adventures, is all about our family's adventures and the conversion of our '92 Blue Bird school bus into an RV...not exactly related to my desire to help others to find success in their gardens, eat healthy seasonal foods, support local farmers and businesses....or is it?

Honestly, I know that I can't keep up with 2 blogs right now. I would like to continue on with The Purple Sprout once we are on the road with Liahona...maybe blogging about all of the food and beautiful local farms we visit while on our adventure (is that an oxymoron...visiting locals all over the US and Central America?) or maybe discussing our family's shift from fast food and the lifestyle that we have come to known out of a "necessity" to keep up with the Jones' to the slow food, letting-go lifestyle I am preparing for.

Do you think that it would be worth checking in for now and then? Let me know with your comments...yay or nay...tell me what you think I could do with The Purple Sprout or if you can think of a great way to combine the two blogs....I would LOVE some feedback. Did I say LOVE? I meant LOVE. :)

Happy to be alive...and well...and full of love,

~.~the purple sprout

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