Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patience for Peas

Remember the peas that I planted clear back in February? Patiently, I have waited for them to germinate and pop out of the ground. After nearly a month and a half of wondering what I had done wrong, of wishing the soil would warm up so that they would come out, of repeatedly checking to make sure my peas weren't rotting away in their beds, I was just about to give up and start over again. Today I checked and......THEY FINALLY STARTED POPPING UP THROUGH THE SOIL!!

So, what have I learned from this experience? That I really need to learn to trust more and to have more patience. Wait, I already knew that. No, what I REALLY learned was that, when some avid gardener, who has far more expertise than I will ever have, says that "you can plant peas as soon as the soil is pliable," what they really mean is that it needs to be WARM enough outside to make regular earth soil pliable. Because it isn't the soil's pliability, as much as it is the temperature of the soil surrounding the seed, that helps it to grow (and to pop out of the soil when it feels warm and safe enough). I know, this realization is probably nothing new for most of you, but I am still learning and I am just happy to see that all of the work I put forth (about 6 weeks ago) is finally starting to pay off. I feel pretty dang good right now. In fact, I feel rejuvenated just by the sight of all of those little guys poking up through my soil out there....

~.~ the purple sprout


  1. I am so impressed with your blog, my dear friend! I love reading it!

  2. Thanks, Jo! I am so glad that you can enjoy I have been stalking your blog for quite some time now. ;)

  3. I just noticed something ~ Is that mulch over your pea seedling? Was it there when you planted the seed? Maybe it was keeping your ground cooler and if you push it back to let the ground warm up they will sprout faster next year. Just an idea. I know that my second planting of peas sprouted much faster then my first, but I'm happy with how big my first is becoming. It's so exciting to see growth isn't it?