Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I just have to start off by saying that I REALLY love my boys. They really keep me on my toes and they do have their moments of seriously pushing my buttons. And, yet, there are many moments when they surprise me and pull it all together when I need them the most. On occasion, they even work great as a team (when they aren't fighting). I am so glad that our boys have each other to hang out with and that they have such a strong desire to learn, to develop their talents, and to obtain new skills.

I had 6 flats of seedlings, all ready to soak up some sunshine. I also planned on having many, and I mean MANY herbs, growing in my kitchen later this year. Because of this, I knew that I would need a shelving system to keep them up closer to the sun and out of the Sunshine's reach, while also maintaining some degree of aesthetic pleasure beyond their function. I visited IKEA (for the very first time), only because I saw an ad for these shelves and they were just what I was looking for. I bought them and brought them home, where they sat in a neat little pile on the floor for almost an entire day before my boys started pestering me. Could they please help me put the shelves together? Please? Pretty Please? While my original plan was to allow the hubby to be in charge of the shelves (and I hated to take away his fun), I eventually decided to take their desire to help out and use it to my advantage. I promised the older boys that they could help, but only if they got school out of the way first...which they did (in record time, I might add).

We all started out working together on the first of four sets of shelves. Then I needed to change a diaper....and they worked on...
....I needed to nurse my Sunshine...and get him down for a nap....and they continued on...

....I had to prepare lunch....clean up after lunch...make a few phone calls...
and before I knew it...........
...the shelves were finished!
My shaggy-haired boys thoroughly impressed me with their skills and their motivation.
I am truly proud of these boys. You can't tell, can you?

We put the shelves in the kitchen bay window, all ready to house seedlings, houseplants, herbs, and maybe even some unique knickknacks. I know they aren't the best looking shelves in the world. And right now they look like they were put together upside down, which we did on purpose to utilize sunlit area and growing headroom (and to keep Sunshine out of reach). But they were pretty inexpensive, are quite sturdy, amazingly light weight, and apparently very easy to put together.
What more could you want from shelves?

Did I mention that I love my boys?
~.~ the purple sprout

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